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Brand Jiu Ji Gong 九吉公
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  • 食品名称:老红糖
  • 配料表:甘蔗
    ** 原料来源于甘蔗,内含甘蔗肉,甘蔗纤维,本品允许有些许漂浮或沉淀物。
  • 储藏方法:阴凉干燥处,避光保存
  • 保质期:24个月/两年
  • 食用方法:热水冲饮或搭配其它食材,也可直接食用。
  • 净含量: 400g/盒 (23-27颗老红糖)
  • Product Name: Lao Hong Tang 老红糖
  • Ingredient:Sugar Cane
    * Due to planting bases on different altitudes, different harvest times, and different precipitation, the color, taste or hardness of this product will be slightly different.
    ** The raw material of this product is from sugarcane, which contains sugarcane meat and sugarcane fiber. This product allows some floating fiber or sedimentation.
  • Storage Method: Cool and dry place; Avoid direct sunlight
  • Shelf life: 24 months / 2 years
  • How to consume:Brew with hot waters; brew with other ingredients, or you may consume directly.
  • Net Weight: 400g/box (23-27 pieces of Brown Sugar Cube


老红糖的好处 The benefits of Traditional Brown Sugar

  • 经痛 dysmenorrheal
  • 月经不调 irregular menstrual cycle 
  • 贫血 anemia 
  • 益气补血 enrich the blood and qi 
  • 手脚冰冷 cold hands and feet 
  • 排毒 & 改善便秘 detox & reduce constipation 
  • 改善皮肤 improve skin tone 
  • 缓慢更年期 slow down menopause 
  • 暖宫备孕 preparing for pregnant 
  • 产后子宫收缩 postnatal uterus contraction 
  • 产后恢复 postnatal recovery 
  • 产后补充能量 postnatal energy replenishment 
  • 促进母乳的生成 increase breast milk production 
  • 帮助排除恶露 enhance lochia discharge